14 December, 2013

This week's loot (14th December 2013)

My Sen no Kiseki tapestry arrived! I took it out, took a photo, then immediately rolled it back up and put it away with the rest of the tapestries in my collection. Yeeeaaaaah.

Anyway I'd been planning on getting Celceta for a pretty long time and finally did. Promotion on Falcom's mail order store got me the game, soundtrack, guide, and file for 4700 yen which I'd like to think is a decent deal.

And yeah Figma Kurisu. The more time passes the more I have to say I really think Steins;gate was a fucking miracle, because Chaos;head was absolute shit and Robotics;notes was the very fucking definition of mediocre, with the only vaguely cool moment in the entire fucking thing being blatantly stolen from the first Ghost in the Shell movie ("I was doing it for my wife and kid!" "YOU DON'T HAVE A WIFE AND KID YOU GOT HAXXING IN YOUR BRAINS" "GASP").

I've been chipping away at a new playthrough of OG II (I blame Dark Prison). My saves all died along with my old PS3 so I started from scratch but I'm aiming at getting all the SR points anyway. Man I'd forgotten how stupidly annoying some of this were TOUMA I'M LOOKING AT YOU YOU USELESS BUM.

And yeah got Arkham Origins. Not being able to use other skins until you clear the game once is stupid (dude you can play as Adam West) but the game's fun. 

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