14 April, 2013

Super Robot Taisen UX (2)

Cleared my second playthrough, aiming for as many secrets as I could get. Failed at quite a few, but what I did get were:

Aura battler Shou(ko ha)Zama.



Misao (wow the Nicht is FUCKING CRAP).


Maxed out the Liber Regis but as all my characters were doped up as fuck Therion was kind of useless. Also his good guy portrait looks funny.

Anyway, started on my third playthrough.
That's my Kurou when he first shows up in the game. Demonbane's melee does almost 20,000 with no seishin or upgrades. Great fun!

So yeah, I'm finding this way more enjoyable than most of the GBA/DS Suparobo games. I can say for certain that it's not as good as W though.

Loot (14th April 2013)

Drew the Steins;gate movie Ichiban Kuji five times. Two of the C prize that I didn't really want, two small figures that turned out to both be fucking Moeka, and the B prize which was the only thing that wasn't rubbish. Wonderful.

Did the Key Ichiban Kuji five times too. Figure was Nagisa, and I was actually pretty happy to get the clear file folder (I have a lot of clear files and my last folder/album was full).

The big Idolmaster "multi-cloth" thing was a crane game prize. I spent 15,000 yen, yes, fifteen fucking thousand yen trying to get it.

Seikai no Senki- Holy shit I'd totally fucking given up on it ever being completed and then suddenly this. Wow. Haven't read it yet.

Kare to Karetto- Actually a free webcomic on ASCII that I've been following for some time. I like it and got the tankoubon. It's good! Also in colour.

Hatsukoi- Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
I have the clear version of the Banshee arriving next week. I decided not to get the Destroy mode Banshee, yet at least. I got it anyway because self control isn't one of my fortes. Got the Mark Sein because of UX, I'm totally getting the RG Destiny and displaying them together. Eventually. When I have space to display stuff.

Just ordered Destiny's wings off Premium Bandai.