28 May, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei 4 (2)

Cleared my first playthrough of the game, was forced onto the law route (I tried going neutral but the game outright said I had taken too many law-sided choices).

Spoilers of course.
Demoniho's in the game!

What the fuck did they do to Lucifer?

Anyway my party right before the final battle:

Alice was way underlevelled but I used her for randamaiza and to reflect setsunasamidareuchi. Otherwise it was buffs/debuffs, some healing, and charge + mortal jihad. Nothing special. Like most of the game.

Kind of disappointed.

Ah well neutral next. If I don't fuck up and end up on chaos, that is.


26 May, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei 4 (1)

Been chipping away at the game since clearing Grisaia, up to Shibuya.

Anyway some random shit from up till now.
Wow where the fuck did they get this design from? That fucking face belongs more in an X-Men comic or something more than Megaten..


(Google street view of Ikebukuro for reference, duh) I especially like how they bothered to make areas resemble their real-world counterparts. Shinjuku station's west exist is really cramped up but Bic Camera's identifiable, Shibuya has Hachi-kou, etc.