19 July, 2013

Games games games (Also Steam summer sale!)

So I've been gaming lately. As usual.

Let's see, stuff I've played recently...

Did a second playthrough of the Mass Effect Trilogy, this time a renegade run culminating in Shepard chosing the destroy option.
 That's a hero's face alright.
I enjoyed my first run of the series but 3 just starts to break down the more you think about the story. I mean, let me get this straight- You spend most of the game trying to figure out what the Catalyst is, and you need to find it before the Reapers do because then they'll try to capture it before you and then the galaxy is fucked, right? And the Catalyst turns out to be... the guy in charge of the Reapers. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

 Anyway playing as a biotic was alright but Infiltrator was a LOT more fun.

At the same time I was playing Kamen Rider Battride War. It was, overall, disappointing. The gameplay was bad, the story was bad, the whole thing was way too short, there was a whole lot of characters you couldn't even use. But having the original actors voice the characters was really nice, as was re-enacting scenes from the shows. Fuck the stupid original story shit, I'd like to see a game where they do nothing but re-enact scenes from the show. Also Odin teleporting behind you and slapping you around when you try to punch him was awesome.

Da Capo 3 RX was alright and made me decide to go through the entire series again, as well as replace my aging/missing copies with new ones and buying fandiscs that I hadn't played before. And I found my supposedly missing copy of DCPC an hour after my order shipped, and it turned out that my non-missing copy was the Vista-compatible version while the "new" copy I got to replace it was the old not necessarily compatible with Vista version so eh. At least it was really cheap! But anyway yeah, 3 was... okay, I guess. Pretty good. But eh, 2 was better. I like Himeno.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was on sale on Steam (not part of the Summer sale) and since it was only like $8 I went and got it. And then they announced Ultra Street Fighter IV so uh yeah. Fuck you Capcom.


Now, of course it's impossible to play Street Fighter with a keyboard (especially considering how I main Zangief and Wakamoto) so I hooked the USB gamepad that I bought ages ago (for another playthrough of Baldr Sky that I never got round to doing) up for it. And figured that since I had it in I might as well look for other games I already had on Steam that might be able to use it.

I found Mark of the Ninja.

Ohhhhhhh boy, Mark of the Ninja.
First of all, yes, this game was made by people who decided to make a game with Japanese words in it while not consulting a single person who understands any semblance of the language at all. The usual, you know. And usually that'd bother me the way people talking about using an FTP to hack the GUI with Visual Basic to hijack the internet and steal all the money from all the banks at the same time in Hollywood movies bothers them software engineer types.But this game is just so good that I didn't give a shit. I feel that it's a bit overrated- The whole thing is kind of short and there really isn't that much replay value- But that's relative to how high its ratings are. Even when you adjust the score down a bit from all those easily entertained people it's still a really good game. Let me just copypaste my Steam recommendation here:
First of all: A controller is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. I cannot stress this enough. Playing this game with the keyboard and mouse is just horrible.

Anyway yeah, this game is really, REALLY good. Some people call it the best stealth game ever but they're exaggerating, it's not THAT good. But it IS one of the best. And because it's a 2D platformer the experience is completely unlike any other.

"Arcade-style stealth" sounds like an oxymoron but that's the best way to describe Mark of the Ninja. And it's pulled off flawlessly.
Bad story, typical "let's look through a dictionary and/or make shit up and not consult anyone who knows the language" Japanese, and the controls annoying you sometimes (e.g. try to grapple somewhere and the fucking game decides it wants to grapple you in the opposite direction directly into lasers) are the only real flaws the game has, and it more than makes up for them by being plain fun.

The whole terror system (make corpses drop from the ceiling and scare guards into shooting each other!) is terribly fun too.

So like yeah. HIGHLY recommended. (While we're on the topic of stealth games I'd like to recommend Dishonoured even more though)
"Arcade-style" is the keyword. Fast-paced action doesn't seem to be something you'd usually associate with the stealth genre but Mark of the Ninja pulls it off great. It's a really unique experience. So yeah. The game is good.

I also finally got round to clearing Portal. It was fun enough but I can't help but feel that it's a tad overrated. The portal physics concept is unique and fantastic, but these days you get all sorts of similarly weird physics-based games (usually indie). The game was kind of short and some of the later puzzles less challenging and more plain frustrating (fuck those "go search for a wall far off you can shoot a portal at that you can only see through a certain hole from a certain angle" bullshit "puzzles"). It was fun enough though. Also I loved GLaDOS (then again, who doesn't?). And fact: Best part of the game was Still Alive.

Meanwhile Senjou no Valkyria 3 E2 (the complete version of Valkyria 3 which was released before I could clear the fucking game and made me lose the will to continue on with it) went on sale on PSN and I figured why not and grabbed it. Been chipping away a bit really slowly and am still only like halfway through the tutorial.


Incredipede: Saw a trailer for it before it was released, put it on my wishlist, forgot about it, saw it on sale, got it. Haven't played it yet.

The Walking Dead: Heard good things. Haven't played it yet and probably won't for some time because my fucking controller won't work with it and the mouse/keyboard controls are absolute shit.

FTL: Heard good things, everyone I know has it. Tutorial went all blah blah blahhh so I figured I'd save it for later.

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition: This is even though I had NV vanilla on Steam before (because buying the ultimate edition on the sale was the cheapest way to get all the DLC). So uh, vanilla (360), vanilla (PC, Steam sale), Ultimate (PS3, Japanese), Ultimate (PC, Steam sale). I have bought this same fucking game four times. But eh at least the two Steam purchases were cheap, so my reigning champion is still limited edition To Heart 2 PS2 limited edition To Heart 2 PC limited edition To Heart 2 PSP limited edition To Heart 2 PS3.

Deadlight: I like platformers? And it was cheap (sale!). Haven't even installed it yet.

Deus Ex Human Revolution: I enjoyed it on the PS3 and it was cheap so I figured why not. I tried playing it a bit on my second laptop (turns out I can actually run PC games now!) but it kept freezing on me so bah.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion- Forbidden Worlds DLC: It was cheap and I haven't actually started on Rebellion yet (have Trinity on disc tohugh) so why not.

Dishonoured: I fucking loved this game on the PS3 and it was on sale so ehhhhh. Also got the DLC to go with it that I actually hadn't gotten on the PS3. It was okay I guess but the third stage felt kind of lazy. And searching for the key to the legal district in the second was a nightmare. Overall... I don't know, is it just me or is the level design just not as good as the main game's? Somehow it was all just way less fun. That's just the stages though, freezing yourself to blink in mid-air at the top of a double-jump and summoning assassins was fantastic. But yeah I always hated that murdering piece of shit Daud and while the game's creators clearly wanted you to symphatize with him somehow I never really could. Also I always have rats eat him alive then set him on fire while he's being eaten alive by rats (and if I have wind blast on the playthrough I try to throw off a building at the same time) so yeah "play as the legendary dickwad Daud!" wasn't really a thing for me. The DLC was okay though.
But yeah, I enjoyed Dishonoured so much before that I gifted it to friends and immediately starting playing it myself too. And cleared it in like two days (low chaos for the main game thanks to my prior knowledge, high chaos for the DLC because Daud's a murdering piece of shit and doesn't deserve any of that redemption bullshit). Because it's really really fun.

And finally, Super Robot Taisen OE is out (or rather the first chapter is). I was really on the fence about this one: From the start I wasn't sure on buying it because I hate downloads. Yes I realise I just listed a fuckton of games I just bought on Steam; But Steam charges reasonable prices while the vast majority of Japanese developers still seem to think it's perfectly fine to charge more than what most fucking retailers are, and Bannam is one of the fucking worst among them (Masoukishin 2 for example costs like four times more as a download than what you can buy it for brand fucking new in stores). So yeah, I wasn't sure about this. And then the 18th and the list of DLC came and I was all what the FUCK is this bullshit? So instead of grabbing the whole season pass-ish ("ish" because you don't get the fucking DLC) I just grabbed the first chapter for 500 yen and... Ohhhhhhhhh god. That fucking Patlabor intro. TSUUSHOU PATOREIBAA NO TANJOU DEARU. With the wire background and 3D Ingram. AND THAT BGM. I'm just going to have to get all of it. Fuck you Bannam. You win this time.

Edit: Finished off the summer sale with these

 Just Cause 2 was a 100% impulse buy. Strike Suit Zero/Infinity I'd had my eye on for some time but it turns out the fucking thing hates my controller. Magicka I also had my eye on for some time but it turns out the co-op is kind of necessary (either that or I'm REALLY bad at the game). Eh.