30 August, 2013

My PS3 died

So yeah I'm going to go get a new one tomorrow, I guess. Supposedly it's possible to temporarily fix a blinking red light PS3 long enough to save your data so maybe I'll try that. I've never really tinkered with hardware before though so chances are that I'll mess it up, but then again I doubt I could mess it up any worse than it already is.

Edit: Youtube videos are telling me that removing the hard drive is a lot easier than I thought, I might actually be able to do this!

Need to go buy a fucking hairdryer first though.


 Edit: So I got a new PS3. I tried to salvage the contents of my old one's hard drive but nothing worked. Fuck.

Edit: But eh like I said on twitter (in Japanese though)- It's not like losing saves is anything new to me. It happened plenty of times in the 16 and 32 bit eras (I never lost anything on the PS2 though) and then there was the time some motherfucker stole my PSP along with a metric fuckton worth of saves (including my S ranks for everyone in Idolmaster SP, thinking of that still makes me wish for the fucker who took it to die slowly and painfully).

But anyway yeah. No matter how many times it happens... it still hurts.


Edit: Tried starting the old PS3 up again, it worked for about five minutes before dying. I'm going to try the hair dryer thing again. 

Edit: I never did manage to get it working long enough to transfer anything.


27 August, 2013

Masoukishin 3: Pride of Justice

Huge revelation: I like Masoukishin!

So yeah I cleared 3.All routes.

First playthrough took just a bit under 20 hours.

Second playthrough.

And third.

Total time for all three routes was 39 hours, so about 10 hours for each the routes after the first.

I did the routes in the order the options were presented (Bagonia -> Langran -> Shutedonias) so was kind of disappointed with the last (Tytti's) route being kind of rubbish at the end. Ah well.

Stuff in 3 included:



Neo Granzon, playable on one route and as a boss in another! 
(Too bad it's at its weakest ever)

And of course, returning from Masoukishin 1 and 2 is everyone's favourite part:

No, seriously, they really balanced the game out this time. You can still kill the final boss in 2 hits, but now ALL the enemies can kill you in two hits too! Also the attacks with which they do so have long range, high accuracy, and can be used after moving. Enjoy.

The late game is kind of like XCOM, where 1) whoever hits the other first wins 2) positioning is REALLY important. The accuracy and damage modifiers from high ground are CRAZY this time, and just taking a step up onto a ledge is all the difference between life and death. It's ridiculous. And some stages are plain bullshit (like the Eran route's final stage where you get the toughest enemies in the game immediately rushing you from the top of a flight of steps, with all the bonuses that comes from being up there).

I enjoyed it though.

But fuck DLC.

Edit: The usual