08 September, 2013

This week's loot (8th August 2013)

I'd been chipping away at Little Busters for the Vita and got Air for it too (the PSP version's download off the PSN store), then felt like playing Clannad again and realised that I hadn't ever played a voiced version of it (I have the PS2 version but I never played it). Thus, the PC full voice version. And a bunch of other stuff just for the hell of it. I actually already have (and cleared, and loved) DMF but it was cheap and as you might already know I have this habit where when I see a game that I already played and really liked on sale for a low price I go and buy it again. Hey, it's cheap!

The 765 Pro thing is the 13000 yen light stick set.

And my tickets to TGS and the 8th anniversary Idolmaster concert arrived!