05 January, 2014

Kankore (3)

After levelling a bit I went for 2-4 again with the above setup.

It was a fucking disaster that got Chiyoda sunk.

So yeah I got back to levelling for a few days until I got Haruna Kai:

And then while levelling I found myself in front of the boss without having taken too much damage, so figured I'd give it another try, and...

Drop was Haruna though whom I obviously already had.

Proceeded on to 3-1 and got Souryuu.
Aaaaand I'm out of resources yet again so moving on to 3-2 will have to wait.

Finally managed to upgrade Yamashiro.

Picked up Kirishima in 3-2-1 and have been levelling there ever since (plus I want to unlock the fourth fleet and so need Hiei and Kongou)

Current fleet; Kirishima's only the flagship because EXP bonus, when actually doing stuff I usually have Akagi or Haruna up top.

I still like Shigure best though.



Edit (9th January):
FINALLY got Kongou and unlocked the fourth fleet.

Been raising destroyers to clear 3-2. Shigure, Hatsuyuki, Murakumo, Inazuma, Shiratsuyu and Yuudachi. Also Kitakami and Ooi for the hell of it.

My Akagi is still dodging everything,

 Current fleet.

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