30 March, 2014

This week's loot (30th March 2014)

Edit: So yeah Build Fighters is over.

I just want to say it was FUCKING FANTASTIC.


>Say I've been buying a lot of gunpla lately because of Build Fighters
>How many kits have I bought because of that show anyway?

Hrairoo, Ashtaron, Dark Matter, Banshee Norn, Dark Matter, F91, Wing Zero, Hazel 1, Hazel 2, Papillon, MG Exia R2, Devil, 7-11 Nu, Gabthley, Jesta, Jesta Cannon, Deathscythe, Epyon, Epyon, Battle Arm Arms, Battle Arm Arms, Battle Weapons, GP base

MSG weapons: Missile launcher, sniper rifle, strong rifle, swords, gatling gun, gatling gun, grave arms, rifles, rifles.


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