05 March, 2014

This week's loot (5th March 2014)

Rebound from being away from almost a month resulted in me hitting Akihabara on a weekday.

Nemo was cool but in the same way as the rest of League is; You have fun spotting references to shit but the comic itself is pretty mundane. Bah.

Baldr Sky Zero 2's out this month; I'm planning on clearing Zero 1 ASAP to see if I should pre-order it. Plus I'd been searching for Fake Azure for some time (ever since Lost Azrite) but had never seen it on sale anywhere up till now.

Guess what I'm planning on doing to the Qubeley!

Hint 1: Koyasu
Hint 3: Man if the first two hints weren't enough I don't even fucking know you

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