20 July, 2014

The Idolmaster: One For All

Cleared Idol Extreme with Chihaya and won both of the things where you go up against Reon.

The usual stats:

And after that I got Chihaya to A1, cleared Idol Extreme with Hibiki and Makoto, and am now raising Iori and Haruka.

So yeah, got the endings for my main unit. Conclusion: One For All's better than 2, but only marginally. It's better written, at least, and at least it didn't decide to remove characters for no apparent fucking reason. The all-star live gimmick is cool even if them having to rely on pre-renders to get all 13 characters on screen at the same time is a bit silly. Gameplay is again streamlined and even more accessible than 2 which had me needing to refer to the manual on occasion to recall how to get the special effects on songs.

I only have one gripe (The fucking DLC doesn't warrant mentioning at this point since it's Bannam and thus a given.) with the game, but it's unfortunately a pretty big one- There's a stunning lack of content. 2 on a whole somehow managed to have less story than each separate version of SP, and yet they decided to cut it down even more? What the fuck, seriously?

The 360 port of the original and SP's arcade mode are still the definitive experiences. OFA is okay, but it's far from that. The older games are less accessible, and certainly less streamlined and refined, but at least they had soul, which is something I really can't say for OFA and 2.

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