27 July, 2014

This week's loot (27th July 2014)

That's a new shikishi folder on the left in the last picture; I finally got round to trying to file the ones I'd had accumulating for some time only to find that my previous binder (the Akabee one from CM83) was full.

In addition to all this the Idolmaster movie Chihaya panel also arrived. No picture because I'm not bothering to take it out of the box. And yes I already had the Idolmaster 2 one too.

So yeah, watched Godzilla. See previous post for thoughts.

And if you haven't noticed, I've been reading Fables ever since I started playing The Wolf Among Us... what, a month ago? Two? I like it for the most part, but it seems to have a bad tendency of killing off characters suddenly and unceremoniously- Characters like Colin and Bluebeard just seemed to have way more potential (sure, they sort of come back in ways, but still). And I just finished volume 13 and it seems like it's starting to suffer from the typical American comic ill of trying to cram too much shit in and turning things into a clusterfuck as a result. I've only been reading Fables, not the spinoff stuff, so the crossover was just really fucking weird for me.

Oh, and if you've been paying attention to my erosuke page, you'll have notice that this week's releases bumped the total number of gyaruge/eroge in my possession to 399. One more to 400! According to my list of pre-orders the 400th should be the Grisaia spinoff Idol Mashoushoujo ☆ Chiruchiru Michiru, but I haven't been to Akihabara in some time (I didn't even know that the new Radio Kaikan was anywhere close to completion until I saw stuff about its opening on Twitter!) and plan on stopping by sometime and will probably buy games and stuff then. We'll see.

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