15 August, 2014

Comic Market 86, day 1

Not much stuff I REALLY wanted this time (I categorise stuff by priority and there were only two places, Falcom and Frontwing, on my high priority list this time) and so headed over relatively late (arrived at 11:30). Got pretty much everything I wanted except Leaf's White Album 2 book (long line), Nitro's Saya no Uta strap (sold out), and the Aldnoah Zero stuff (forgot).

I already had Idol Mahoushoujo Chiruchiru ☆ Michiru pre-ordered (since I'm away I'm having it delivered on Monday) from Sofmap but I went and bought it again. Eh.

Also I looked like an absolute tit in that Bonta-kun hat/ear thing.

Edit: Oh hey

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