12 September, 2014

This week's loot (12th September 2014)

That's Nekoneko's Comic Market stuff that they ended up selling online because they didn't get their usual booth. I screwed up and placed the order twice because it turns out that Nekoneko's ordering system is absolute shit (I thought I placed my first order but never got a confirmation mail and later when checking figured it didn't get through because I didn't have a confirmation mail so I placed another and this time I DID get a confirmation so I figured the first order didn't get through and the second did AND THEN IT TURNED OUT BOTH ORDERS WENT THROUGH. So I have doubles of the tapestry and set. Don't mind that much.)

I just realised the other day that I spend WAY more on comics than I thought. Figures.

Arise was rubbish again, plus they were calling it the end of the series (完結編) but it turns out that nothing is resolved and it's to be continued in a movie that'll be put out next year. Bleh.

In The Hero was FUCKING AWESOME. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Falcom exhibition stuff (see previous post).

Guardians of the Galaxy and Rurouni Kenshin 3 open tomorrow but I think I'll wait for the crowds to die down a bit before watching them. I like my leg space.

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