07 September, 2014

This week's loot (7th September 2014)

The new Rurouni Kenshin movie was just as good as I'd expected. Which is to say, not very good at all. Good costumes and sets, bad action, very very very very VERY fucking bad acting (Houji, Megumi, and Sanosuke in particular are terrible; Shishio on the other hand was fantastic).

Patlabor was Patlabor, not much else to say there.

I of course already have P3 Fes but my copy was the append version. Picked up the standalone this time for when I want to play it again; I've been wanting to do so for some time.

Also got and read Ahogirl #1-4 on Kindle (the iPhone app to be precise), it's good. And I think I forgot to mention that I did the same for Rinjin wo Maiseyo #1-2 about a month ago. I usually don't like downloads, but that's for stuff like video games and movies- With books, especially cheap ones (I'd NEVER fork out more than $10 for a book download, and $5 is enough to make me think it over really hard), I'm starting to actually prefer digital. After all, physical books don't have backlights. And it's pretty hard to read them with one hand.

Edit: Ah what the hell here's the list of stuff on my Kindle.

I haven't read a lot of those; My Kindle's starting to look like my Steam.

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