02 October, 2014

Sen no Kiseki II

Just cleared it. Holy shit it's late.

Sixty hour playtime (50 hours to get to the end of the "last" chapter and another ten for the rest of the game). It was fantastic. Not without its faults- In many ways it looks and feels like a PS2 game (though this isn't entirely a bad thing since I can't really think of any REALLY good RPGs on current gen; Plus while the graphics might not be all that good the aesthetics are fantastic as usual), the pacing was pretty bad, the balance is even sillier than before (getting back attacked near the end of the game means you're pretty much fucked, yet you can defeat almost all the bosses without taking any damage easily, except the final boss with his fucking vanishing breath and mirror/shield piercing 1 HP bullshit is fucked up, etc.), and while at this point I'm used to new entries in the series raising more questions than they answer the balance was REALLY skewed this time. It was nothing BUT questions.

Gameplay was broken as usual. For me, it seemed like most enemies' best moves could kill my entire party at full health at one hit, so I handled that by killing them without taking any damage. It's way easier than it sounds. Laura decked out with hadou and all the damage-boosting stuff I have starting off the fight with ridiculous damage, Rean following up with his S-craft, Fie using grail burst to let everyone move again then using her S-craft, Laura bumping CP up again with tempest roar thus letting everyone use their S-crafts again, Alisa using adamas shield and crescent mirror and her CP-boosting stuff as necessary. End of Vermillion and the mercenaries managed to hit me once each, and I took down all the other bosses in the final chapter without taking any damage. The only fight that really gave me trouble was Lucifaria on my first try (he made everyone but Alisa vanish then immediately killed her in one hit).

But yeah it was fantastic.

So, "near future" huh?  Judging from the gaiden stuff they're probably already working on it so hopefully it's nearer than I expect.

Also, have some snippets from IRC

Twist ending from the final chapter:


Edit: Also this

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