29 November, 2014

This week's loot (29th November 2014)



Movie stuff. Yuruyuri was Yuruyuri. Patlabor was Patlabor. Fury was... odd. It does such a good job of depicting war that it manages to stress you out. The gunfights are tense, but not in the usual Hollywood kind of way. I'd say that it's objectively a good movie, but not one that most people, or I myself, would actually enjoy.

There was a used book fair going on at Shinjuku station. Browsed a bit not expecting to buy much, if at all. Turns out they had old movie booklets (or "pamphlets" as they're called in Japanese) and I ended up spending 6000 yen. Yay.

Last week's final volume of Sadamoto Eva put me in a slight Eva mood so I finally went and got the BD of Q. Have the first two movies on DVD anyway, so why not.

Stopped by Book Off while waiting for a movie to start. I already own half of the games here (in fact I'm pretty sure this is my THIRD copy of Alpha 3) but eh, they were cheap.

I've been chipping away at Scramble Commander 2, it's actually way more fun than I expected it to be.

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