25 January, 2014

This week's loot (25th January 2014) + The Idolmaster Movie: Kagayaki no Mukougawa he

Watched the Idolmaster movie. It was... okay. Not bad. But just not bad.

Not good either. Really not good. I'll get the BD but it's more to complete my collection (since I have the entire TV series on BD already) than from my actually liking the movie.

It wasn't very good.

But anyway yeah, loot.

Stopped by my 7-11 earlier this week, lol wut they had the 7-11 Nu Gundam. Of course I got it. Got the Domino's Pizza collaboration campaign taibani drama CD this week, forgot to stick them in a loot photo but I got the clear files too last week.

I already had a full set of part 2 of Idolmaster Ichibankuji Premium pre-ordered but tried my luck anyway. Got Hibiki! Not too bad, I guess.

Movie stuff:

Edit: Stuff from me on the movie from Twitter and IRC

The Idolmaster movie wasn't bad but not very good either. It was... ehhhhhh, okay I guess. It felt two times longer than I ought to have been. Too much moping around over serious shit involving the phone shit characters (who weren't too bad, at least)

God damn the fucking Idolmaster movie was disappointing. Seriously, it's over two hours long, but three quarters of it is people standing still moping over how this one phone character can't keep up and wants to quit. They even put a filter over it so that the colours are greyish. Add a fucking nonsense philosophy voiceover and it's practically Oshii Mamoru! (I love Oshii Mamoru though, just for the record)

Amimami Hibiki Takane Makoto Azusa Yayoi did absolutely fucking nothing.

Rotoscope was just one scene, new character dropping sweets and her and Haruka picking them up. I have no fucking idea why they used rotoscope there but it was fucking horrible.

Jupiter gets a scene but 876 doesn't.

 Did I mention half the movie is phone shit.

Oh and P leaves for America before the credits AND COMES BACK DURING THEM WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT

うーん。悪くはなかったが、良かったかと聞かれるとちょっと首をかしげるな。折角の映画だからさ、変に辛気臭いドラマとか入れずに、もっとこう、お祭り的 な内容でも良かったんじゃないかな。まあテレビ版のBDは揃っているからコレクションのために円盤は買うけどさ。やっぱり、ちょっと微妙、かな




てか765プロの活躍も 春香>>>>>千早>>>伊織>なんかしたっけ?の壁>その他 だったな




考えれば考えるほどアイマスの映画が酷かったと感じてきてた。前半はまあまあだったけど後半がな……活躍したのぶっちゃけソシャゲのキャラと春香だけだ ろ。てか響とか完全に空気じゃねーか。従来のキャラがモブ扱いされてるのにソシャゲキャラにスポットを当てるとか何を考えているんだ





Kankore (4)

So yeah I'm still playing this.

FINALLY got Ikazuchi as a drop in... 4-3? What the fuck?

My first (not counting Iona) and as of yet only submarine.

Got Kaga in 4-4.

Defeated Soukoukuuboki fairly easily (the stupid compass was way bigger of a problem in my clearing of 4-4)

 Took WAY longer to clear 3-2, but eventually did (Shigure at 45, Yuudachi at 37, the others at 30-32)

Currently trying to clear 4-4. Got Shoukaku and Mutsu on the same day!

23 January, 2014

Gabthley Weisskaiser

So my custom Gabthley is complete.

Melee configuration. The transformation gimmick is omitted for the equipping of what I call the Overhead Weapons System (creative, I know), but the legs can still turn into claws. That's a one-time cast-off thing, though.

Melee equipment.

Ranged equipment.

Aaaand full armour mode:

Swords and cannon, plus the beam rifle/spear thing the Gabthley originally comes with, and a gatling gun for good measure.

It's called the Overhead Weapons System because it's a weapons system that goes overhead. Duh.

Of COURSE it flips around so all the guns can be fired at the same time.

Edit: Added that one Astray gun-sword-thing that came with a magazine some time ago.

19 January, 2014

This week's loot (19th January 2013)

Plan on giving the Gabthley a custom paint job.

I'm kind of regretting not renewing my Akabee fanclub membership, but I procrastinated till the day before the deadline then found that I'd misplaced my card and I needed the membership number on said card to renew it, so...

I found the card a few days later in a drawer. Eh.

But yeah, see the "MP3 Player" on that box?

They mean this:     ↓
Yeah Akabee is fucking crazy (that's a compliment).