08 July, 2014

Shovel Knight

There are way too many "retro-style" games that aren't anything like old games, which only seem to be "retro" style because their creators are pretentious and/or lazy.

Shovel Knight is not one of those games.

It looks perfect. It sounds perfect. It, shockingly enough in this world of "hey retro means really hard right?" games, PLAYS perfect. It gets tough at points, tough enough for you to die at the same point five times, tough enough for you to scream out loud, and yet manages to get it right to the point where you DON'T say the game is bullshit and unfair, because it's not. If you die, you certainly know why, and know what to do next to not die (and then you invariably screw up and die again).

Playing this game makes you feel like a child again. It's a familiar and nostalgic, yet completely new and refreshing experience.

If you grew up playing video games, you HAVE to play this game.

You just do.

06 July, 2014

This week's loot (5th July 2014)

Complete set of Idolmaster Ichiban Kuji Premium part 3 only excluding Ritsuko's figure for some reason. So yeah, that's all of it. Total cost: OVER ONE HUNDRED FUCKING THOUSAND YEN.

Stuff. Leos were 1500 yen, Rise 1000. Bookstore only had a few Kara no Kyoukai kuji left and the A prize was one of them so I just gave it a try and got it in one shot. Cool.

Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need is Kill was pretty good.

I am fucking terrible with arcade sticks.

Turns out that the series Nomura Mizuki was writing had come to an end and she's started on a new one. I HAVEN'T EVEN READ THE LAST FEW BUNGAKUSHOUJO BOOKS. I'm two fucking series behind now.