29 August, 2014

This week's loot (29th August 2014)

Already cleared P4U2's story mode. It was disappointing.

Bannam being a bag of dicks is hardly surprising, and yet they STILL managed to surprise me with the new Idolmaster CD- The third track is a goddamned ad for DLC. Wow.

I had two reasons for buying two AGP Unicorn FA parts sets. This is one of them. (The second reason is a bit of a bother to set up so maybe later. But yeah, if you're guessing "ALL OF THE GUNS", you're guessing right)

24 August, 2014

Kankore (6)

Chipping away at the summer event, just reached E-3. Seems like it'll be considerably less trouble than E-1/E-2.

Edit: Progress-

Edit: Cleared E-3, chipping away at E-4.