01 November, 2014

2014 ADV games

Since there aren't any releases left for me this year (with Sumire being delayed to January) I figured I'd go through this year's releases. Scores are from my Erosuke.

Owaru Sekai to Futagoza no Paradise
Hated it. Not surprising since I hated Paradox. Birthday was pretty mediocre too.

Hello Lady!
It was okay. I like Akatsuki's stuff, but I really wish they'd write stuff that doesn't just leave loose ends dangling all over. That being said it wasn't THAT bad this time. Way better than Commu, at least. Enjoyed & more.

Semiramis no Tenbin
I like Takaya Aya's stuff, but this was just terrible. The routes are as short as Otoboku 2's and somehow manage to be even less interesting. It just feels incomplete all-round, with the story jumping all over. Ami gets way more attention than Eru. The game system is terrible since the stupid law/chaos meter makes stuff difficult and you have to redo stuff over and over again yet the regular skip is ridiculously slow  and the quick skip also skips text you haven't seen. Also there's supposedly a one time only true ending type scene that shows up once you clear all the routes which didn't show up for me (bug?). It's just bad.

Reminiscence: Re:Collect


The only game this year that I DIDN'T pre-order. In fact I just got it, what, last week? Used, for under half price, because after the bullshit in all the Akatsuki no Goei games and Reminiscence I was pretty sure that this would just be as bad. Well, it certainly was. Plus they claimed that this was supposed to complete the story? Hahahahahaha what the fuck. That being said it was sort of enjoyable and a bit better than I'd expected (not that that's saying much since I was expecting 10/100 Shuumatsuron level bullshit).

Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu
It was good, but most of the routes seemed completely superfluous and out of place. Airi's at least keeps with the theme and Miki's with the setting, but Yume's just comes out of bloody nowhere. The true (Shino/Ren) route was well-written and I enjoyed the game overall, but I didn't like the way the message was presented; It's a time travel story where time travel doesn't matter, because once you see the future it cannot be changed, no matter what (sort of; small details change but time finds a way to bend things back into place so that if someone dies at some point they always will). This is of course a metaphor for the past, the theme of the game being that it's better to look forward to the future than to mull over stuff that's already happened, but while that's a nice message and all it really messes up the story and I couldn't really enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Eh.

Busoushoujotai Blade Briders

It was short, fun, and silly. Unfortunately, that's all that it was. The story was ultimately simple and forgettable, made of familiar-looking parts cobbled together and held together with comedy. The battle system was fun, though, and the balance was great. I felt like it had great, wasted potential. Real pity.

Idol Mahoushoujo Chiruchiru Michiru (Zenpen)
It's Grisaia. That's really all there is to say. Felt way too short, even for the price, though. Would've been glad to have paid thrice the price for twice this volume.

Astraea no Shiroki Towa
What can I say? It was just good in every conceivable way. Overwhelmingly better than everything else this year,

There're still a couple of 2014 releases I haven't gotten to yet (and that's of course disregarding all the stuff from previous years that I still haven't touched). May update this post later.