22 November, 2014

This week's loot (22nd November 2014)

Watched Rakuen Tsuihou. It was fantastic; Immediately pre-ordered the BD on getting home (the limited theatre release was sold out because the cinema I go to is run by dumbfucks who let people buy up to three copies at a time as if anyone but fucking resellers would so so ASSHOLES). A lot of the themes were recycled from Urobuchi's (and to a lesser extent, Mizushima's) previous stuff, but it all came together very nicely; The only real complaint I have is that we aren't really given many details on Deva's society (and what glimpses we do get of it at the very beginning don't quite mesh with what Dingo makes it sound like it is later on), though Angelica's superiors do a decent enough job of representing what it seems to be like in the latter parts. The action was fantastic too, reminiscent of Macross Plus (though not quite equal to it in terms of quality). Loved the theme song, and the post-credits scene was great. Also, people who leave their seats as soon as the credits start rolling can go fuck themselves.

Watched Interstellar too. It was fucking disappointing. It wasn't a good movie, but it wasn't a bad one- Rather, it was the ruined possibility of a good movie. Which makes it even fucking worse than a bad one. The first half was alright. The depiction of Earth dying was far more poignant than what Hollywood usually feeds us. No giant earthquakes or tsunamis or meteors or the oceans freezing over, just dust. That was great. Unfortunately it was also the best part of the film. Everything after they got through the wormhole was Hollywood bullshit at its fucking worse; People being unreasonably stupid for the sake of drama, pointless action and deaths because hey it's Hollywood, and a fucking terrible deus ex machina of an ending with retarded bullshit (THE FIVE-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS WAS US FROM THE FUTURE AND I'M MY DAUGHTER'S GHOST AND LOVE SURPASSES TIME AND SPACE!!!!!!!!! are you fucking kidding me). Plus it was three fucking hours long but half of it was ultimately fucking pointless; They could've gone straight for the black hole after going through the wormhole and we'd still have a coherent film, and one that gets to the fucking point at that.

And yeah, Sadamoto Eva is over. I actually liked the ending more than the show's. The add-on chapter was fucking weird but eh. There's really nothing much to say. It was Eva.

16 November, 2014

This week's loot (16th November 2014)

Cleared N'gah-kthun and Selenaria. They were decent. I can't objectively say they were really good, but I love the setting.

Oh and the ACVD setting info book is more fun than the actual game.