14 March, 2015

This week's loot (14th March 2015)

Cleared Son of a Witch/Sabbat of the Witch/Whatever you want to call it. It was great, hence me suddenly getting three Yuzu Soft games.

As you might notice from the tags, I'm planning on sticking game companies into the tags from now on. Also planning on going back and adding tags to previous posts. But I can't be bothered to do so yet, maybe later.

Read North 40. I have all of The X-Files on DVD, and love Cthulhu stuff, so hey look, Cthulhu stuff in a contemporary setting, and there's a sheriff on the cover, how do you mess that? Really fucking easily, it turns out. It was fucking garbage. Art was okay but everything else was just incoherent babbling nonsense. I think it might even be worse than Neonomicon which was also garbage but at least had some semblance of a story even if it was hippy new-age gobbledygook. Ugh.

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