02 July, 2015

Fire Emblem if: Anya Oukoku

Cleared the second part of Fire Emblem if. Byakuya route was roughly 17 hours, Anya 12. Same number of story stages, but Anya is shorter because you can't mess around in free battles = waste time raising and customising your characters. That being said, gameplay in Anya is way more fun with most stages having unique gimmicks (though some are kind of annoying and a bunch of earlier stages are slogs).

The gameplay is okay.

The story isn't.

For one thing, it's clearly incomplete. I've seen people claim that each route's story is complete on its own. They're lying through their fucking teeth. Literally nothing is explained. The characters are kind of shallow too, mostly due to the short length of the game(s). It wouldn't be so bad if these two parts and the third which isn't out yet were sold as one game, but the gall one has to have to sell each part on its own is way beyond my comprehension. Ugh.

I thought the gameplay was terrible before I started on the Anya route though, so maybe- just maybe- the third route will manage to save all this. Maybe.

Anyway, the usual:

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