30 January, 2015

This week's loot (31st January 2015)

So apparently a lot of people couldn't get the Akabee Soft CDs at C87 because they didn't have enough stock, and they're now priced ridiculously on internet auctions (30,000 for the two arrange CDs?). Too bad for them, I'm in the fanclub and just ordered everything I wanted online.

Grind Blade was 1200 yen. I can see why people complained about it: It can't fully transform, it's a goukin series item with no fucking goukin in it... But you know what? It's still pretty fucking cool. Especially for only 1200 yen.

 Watched the Arpeggio movie. It was okay. I don't really find the characters or story all that interesting, but I like the setting and absolutely love the aesthetic. Especially the mechanical shit. I fucking LOVE the mechanical shit.