15 July, 2015

This week's loot (12th July 2015)

(Yes I've noticed that this post is kind of late)

Watched a load of movies. Avengers 2 was better than I expected (actually liked it a bit while I hated the first one). GitS, Tomorrowland, Mad Max and Geass were all mediocre.

Fire Emblem if's last route (Invisible Kingdom) was released and I cleared it over the weekend. It was disappointing (will do a post on it later).

Also been playing Angel Beats 1. It's way better than I expected since I thought Maeda had run out of ideas back when the show was airing. I of course don't like how it's split up into six and all, but if each part maintains this level of quality, well, I'm not complaining. I especially like how it has even more pointless joke choices than Little Busters, and am amazed at the baffling amounts of special lines for combinations of what you choose.

Also, got a bunch of Kindle books during Yurihime Comics' sale (some of this stuff isn't from the sale but stuff that I got anyway because I liked the sound of it)