26 July, 2015

This and last week's loot (26th July 2015)

Yeah I've been (and still am) busy. Probably won't be updating next week either.

Anyway, loot.

Cleared Angel Beats 1 and Daigyakutensaiban. Angel Beats was fantastic, though Yui's route was kind of half-assed. Daigyakutensaiban was decent enough; I liked what they did with the 3D but some parts felt too stretched out and there weren't enough REALLY good bits. Been playing Shin Sekaiju no Meikyuu, loving it. Just started on Akai Hitomi ga Utsuru Sekai and been finding that I can't fucking remember most of the plot of the previous games. Not starting on the Possession Cybuster kit yet but plan on giving it the full works once I get round to it.

Also, I didn't go to Wonder Festival but heard about Kotobukiya and Busou Shinki and HOLY SHIT FUCK YEAH.