18 October, 2015

This week's loot (18th October 2015)

Haven't watched any of the Kamen Rider series since W though I did catch some of the Taisen movies (Core, Super Hero Taisen and Z). I'd heard about Faiz being somewhat important in the newer ones but hadn't watched them, decided to fix that. Showa VS Heisei and #3 had their moments but were generally pretty bad (as was Z, actually). Seems to me like they ran out of ideas after all that shit they pulled in the Decade movies and Super Hero Taisen. Was pretty disappointed at how they managed to get the Blade cast back but did absolutely nothing with them. And Kamiya voicing Showa riders was plain fucking wacky (Seki at least sounded right but I wish he'd have varied up his performances a bit because Stronger and Amazon sounded exactly the same). Haven't watched #4 yet, but I've heard about how it's either the best or worst thing to happen to Faiz in recent years.

Ashita no Kyouko-san #1was actually a mistake, I thought I was getting the e-book. Loved it though, and ended up getting the rest of it (e-books of course).

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