20 December, 2015

This week's loot (20th December 2015)

Watched Star Wars. It was okay. Not bad, but I can't honestly say it was good. Nothing outstanding. Just okay. I did like how Kylo Ren turned out, and the one tonfa trooper was a cooler enemy than the rest of the imperials combined. Finn and Rey were eh. Han turning out that way was understandable given Ford's age. The screening was on Friday, and it speaks volumes that I enjoyed the episode of Fafner that aired that night way more.

Already started on Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi wo and cleared one route. It's really good.

Might as well report on stuff I've been playing lately:

Hatsurukotonaki Mirai yori: Mediocre. The worldbuilding is half-assed, and the plot in general is pretty unbalanced with terrible pacing. There's a huge, noticeable gap in quality between the parts done by different writers. Wrote a review on erosuke (Japanese). A lot of squandered potential.

Kokororisuta: Good writing, really good characters, interesting setting with good worldbuilding. Unfortunately a bit too short, but otherwise satisfying enough.

Steins;gate 0: Apparently based on a bunch of novels I never read. Oddly enough, the bits lifted from the novel (Stigma, the Recognise/Altair route) were the worst bits. Rinascimento was the best bit. Maho is a great character, as is the whole Amadeus thing. It's a pity that you're forced onto Altair in the last playthrough, and that the epilogue is unfulfilling. Hoping that they do more with Maho in the future.

Nitroplus Blasterz: I didn't expect a Demonbane sequel/DYN Freaks prequel but that's what I got and I was happy about it. Pity that it's a whole load of nothing.

I did start on Schwarzesmarken, which I put on hold after starting Miagete. Also got a DL version of FFX for the Vita, and finally started playing Senjou no Valkyria 3.

Have to say, all in all it's been a relatively good year for games (in fact it's too early to say that, considering how there're still two titles to be released within the year that I'm looking forward to).

Oh and that Star Wars tie-in Blue Force Mets Cola is absolutely fucking disgusting.