24 January, 2016

This week's loot (24th January 2016)

Watched the last Persona 3 movie. It wasn't that bad, considering the previous ones, and some bits were actually pretty good. It was thus unfortunate that I was seated in front of some chucklefuck who kept talking to his partner and making what can only be described as weird oinking noises. Ugh.

Binged the first two seasons of Person of Interest on Hulu (the rest isn't up on it here) over the past week or so, hence the box set of the third.

Really looking forward to OG3.

I've also been chipping away at Fate/Grand Order. The whole game is bullshit. Bullshit gacha rates, bullshit gacha prices, bullshit item requirements, bullshit item drop rates, bullshit EXP gain, and bullshit gameplay. Why the fuck am I playing this?

Modified the short skirt miko outfit since sleeveless matches the skirt better.

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