20 March, 2016

Fate/Grand Order and Sennensensou Aigis

Been playing Fate/GO since about January, and Aigis for a bit over two years now, but while I've been posting stuff on Twitter sometimes I just realised I hadn't done so on the blog, so yeah, my stuff in both games. Haven't been playing Kankore much at all lately, didn't even clear much of the last event.

Fate/GO is a horrible, horrible game but the story does enough cool stuff on occasion enough to keep me interested. Helps that I actually registered for the game pretty early on (about half a year before I started playing) and so started off with a fuckton of free summoning stuff when I actually started, which got me Mordred right off the bat. Being able to "play" (amounting to jabbing at the screen while barely paying attention to) it while watching shows or whatever helps, since I suffer from this obsessive need to multitask at all times but don't want to play actual games (which I want to appreciate) while watching shows.

Meanwhile, Sennensensou Aigis is just fun. It's sort of a tower defence game with RPG elements, but you end up aiming for a perfect (three star) rating on each stage because obtaining one gets you one of the items needed for the gacha, and so each stage ultimately ends up as a puzzle tailored specifically for you (since everyone has different lineups of units). Despite being a free to play browser game it's actually a good game.

I also tried to play Suparobo X-Ω but it was so fucking garbage that I stopped after like fifteen minutes. This is coming from someone who
1) Loves Suparobo
2) Doesn't even like Type Moon all that much but is playing Fate/GO 
So yeah, X-Ωis pretty fucking bad.

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