20 March, 2016


My final squad. Guy with his name hidden is modelled/named after someone I know. Actually had two more characters modelled/named after people I know survive all the way to the end, but they ended up kind of useless; One was a grenadier, whom I only used as backup when one of my good grenadiers was injured, and the other was a specialist, who was fucking useless. I never once got a hack to succeed, and NEVER got the bonus to increase the hacking stat to show up at all, ever. What the fuck?

(Eyepatch guy in green is the grenadier, black guy in yellow is the specialist. 
As you may have guessed from the pink afro guy, I took a few creative liberties with the "modelling after" bits)

By the time psychic shit become an option to research I'd already assembled a decent team, and ended up just not researching it at all until near the very end, and never built the facility needed (all my slots were full by then), let alone recruit any psi-ops soldiers.

I found the last bits to be pretty disappointing. The network tower mission was a boring waste of time, and the final mission was just way too slow, way too long, and simply uninteresting. Ah well.


My computer did not meet the minimum requirements needed (in the graphics card department) but I still managed to run it relatively fine, albeit with shit graphics and at a slow framerate and horrible load times ("clear a stage in Fate/GO" level load times). But I didn't get any freezes, crashes, or game-breaking bugs; In fact the only real bug I encountered was a weird graphic one in the final area of the final mission.

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