23 April, 2016

Dark Souls 3

So I got Dark Souls 3 on release and have been chipping away at it all this time; Didn't really get into it until the past week though, after clearing SQ4 (still not done with the postgame dungeon) and Maitetsu.

Translation stuff.

Playlist of videos.

Went through over half the game with a strength/intelligence build using sorcery, but because I'd gone in blind I managed to screw up pretty much every single NPC sidequest and wound up losing the guy who sells magic early on, leaving me with only shitty stuff. I did continue abusing the spell that silences footsteps and lets you fall without taking damage to take weird shortcuts and backstab everything, though. Figured I might as well start using pyromancy since I had the intelligence midway through Irthyll, and had great fun throwing chaos fireballs at things and charming enemies to fight each other.

Main weapon was a broadsword which I kept all the way to the end of Lothric Castle; I enchanted it with fire early on, then changed it to heavy later on, then finally switched to the moonlight blade at the very end (the last three bosses or so).

Stats from after defeating all the bosses, and after I respecced to play with other fancy shit for a change:

Anyway yeah, random screenshots:

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