01 May, 2016

This week's loot (1st May 2016)

Still playing Dark Souls 3 (near to the end of my second playthrough). I don't like some of the things 2 had that they removed, but on the whole I'm enjoying it more.

Civil War was good. It didn't do what I wanted it to- That is to say, commentary on overreaching surveillance + an actual civil war, but that was a given from the trailers and how the Marvel movie universe is way smaller in terms of cast than the comic universe. That being said, they clearly knew this when they made the film, and did a good job of making a personal conflict with something of an actual plot. With twists! On the whole it felt less like a Captain America movie and more like an Avengers one, only more focused and coherent. The action scenes were better than the usual clusterfucks, too. It didn't have much of a climax, and was more like a setup to more movies, but eh, it worked, and that's what counts. I liked it.

holy shit dragranzer is fucking gigantic

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