23 May, 2016

This week's loot (22nd May 2016)

Played a bit of Psycho-Pass PS4. The writing's decent enough but the game system is horrendous; There's no quick save/load or skip to next choice option, and the skip previously read text option is linked to scenes instead of lines making it so that if even one line of text in a long scene is different the whole scene counts as unread, so while it's fine on the first playthrough it becomes a horrible slog on subsequent ones.

Watched Garm Wars. It was... odd. At least it wasn't as bad as Tokyo Mukokuseki Shoujo.

Despite being nonsensical the plot somehow manages to be horribly predictable. The use of all sorts of made-up words is part of the fun of fantasy and sci-fi, and this is both, but the one and a half hour runtime coupled with how this is an Oshii film where more than half the film is silence means you can't remember most of that shit. he big mastermind was design-wise basically the Puppetmaster from the first GitS movie. Old guy's conclusion was way too obvious. The big reveal about the creators of the Garm was literally generic Japanese RPG shit, and the ending was basically a PS1 RPG's end of disc 1 stinger. The action scenes were way too cartoonish and did not match the live action medium. In fact Oshii's style doesn't match the medium. Like with Tokyo Mukokuseki Shoujo, Oshii's signature "people standing still silently" thing is kind of ruined by how real people CAN'T STAND PERFECTLY STILL, DAMN IT. People slowly swaying silently doesn't nearly have the same effect. The CG was pretty bad compared to Hollywood of course but I thought it was okay. The designs were creative and cool enough to make up for it at least.

Also the shit with the dog was just fucking weird (maybe it's not as bad without the context of knowing how much Oshii fucking loves basset hounds).

It was only available dubbed in Japanese at my cinema but even with great voice acting (protagonist was done by Park Romi) you can tell that the actual acting is horrid. Out of place body language, weird facial expressions, etc.

On the bright side I really liked the Panzer Dragoon, Last Exile, Dunbine-ish aesthetic they had going on.

In the interview in the booklet, Oshii says that jumping over huge amounts in the middle was necessary to do what was needed: End the story. He says that manga, anime and games these days are all about the characters, and that nothing ever comes to an end. In fantasy, what's important is how it begins, and how it ends. If you don't do that then there's no meaning to making it fantasy. How the world began, and how will it end. While the film DID explain how the world began (at the end) and did kind of show how it'll end, that's just the setting. In the PLOT, The viewer is suddenly thrown into a war between two races with little context at the beginning, and is given no real explanation about the world until the very end, and the ending is the mastermind awakening an army of giant robots to kill everyone and the film ending just before the two forces clash. It's a fucking PS1 era RPG "please insert disc 2" moment. He also says that the greatest theme of the movie is "whether or not Japanese can make fantasy". I think the conclusion to that is "maybe, maybe not, but Oshii Mamoru certainly can't". The film is mostly Sky Crawlers mixed with a bit of Ghost in the Shell and Kerberos Saga, and in the end turns into superhuman cyborg clones fighting giant robots with rifles and a fucking tank. He says he was aiming for high fantasy but this is closer to Final fucking Fantasy.

But eh, I really liked the aesthetic. And though the middle part of the film was kind of weak it was still not too bad overall.

Not as bad as Tokyo Mukokuseki Fucking Shoujo at least (fuck that movie).
ガルム・ウォーズを観てきた。 「珍作」という言葉がよく似合う映画だった。まあ、東京無国籍少女よりは遥かにマシだったが。


パンフレを読んだら、作品のテーマは「日本人にファンタジーが作れるのか」らしい。「日本人」は知らんが、少なくとも「押井守」にファンタジーは作れないという結論ば出ているかと思う。だって黒幕は攻殻の人形使いで主人公は少佐だし、ガルムはスカイ・クロラでぶりっ子族はケルベロスサーガだし、しかも最後は超人クローンサイボーグ兵士が戦車とライフルで巨大ロボットと戦う。パンフレによると本作はハイファンタジーを目指してるとのことだが、同じファンタジーでもこれじゃファイナルのほうだろうもはや。てかエンディングの展開がもろに初代プレステ時代のRPGの「disc 2に交換してください」だわ。









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