14 June, 2016

This week's loot (12th June 2016)

Cleared Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi wo FD. Not much to say there: It kept up with the standard of the base game and was really good.

The 1/12 is a no-brand made in China thing that came in a shitty box with no markings kept shut with a rubber band, that was like 1000 yen on Amazon. There's been a lot of those showing up lately. I also got a dining table set (table and four chairs) for 1200 yen some time back. They're actually pretty well-made and ridiculously cheap compared to similar stuff from actual companies.

Also cleared Gyakutensaiban 6.  They pulled a bait-and-switch: They said both Naruhodo and Odoroki would be main characters this time, but while it's true that each of them gets a chapter, Naruhodo gets the first (tutorial) while Odoroki gets the last one which has an unprecedented two cases, plus plot-wise this is definitely Odoroki-centric. That being said they did a great job of finally doing something with his character. Also it looks like they'll be putting him to rest for a bit after this so it's fine. Kokone also got one chapter but it's really short (no investigation part, just the court session) and completely out of place in the story. It was still good though, and having Yuugami as her partner was fantastic. Also I always felt the use of channeling wasn't all that good in the first three games, but they did a REALLY good job with using it in the final chapter here.

I ultimately still liked 5 more overall though. I don't recall Kenji 2 and 5 having it as much, but 6 once again has that problem where you know exactly what happened but it's unclear which evidence piece you're supposed to prove it, plus some annoying shit with Odoroki's bracelet is back again. Also Nayuta's character isn't very good, especially since he's coming right after Yuugami, who also gets a chapter in which he's the player's partner this time. But eh, it's still good.

I'd been meaning to get into God Eater for a long time and got 2RB since it was like 1400 yen. I've only played 2-3 hours but so far it's really not doing anything for me. I'll probably stick at it a bit more though, at least until Root Letter arrives.

Also got another of those shelf things that attach to the top of your TV/monitor:

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