03 July, 2016

Super Robot Taisen OG: Moon Dwellers

Cleared it.

The usual numbers:

WOW it's astonishing how little actual plot this game has. Most of it is setting up stuff for sequels (Balmar, Golion, other races getting wiped out by shit pouring out of crossgates, Kadum Hakham). I mean, OG II was really good and I didn't expect MD to outdo it, but I didn't expect it to fall so short of it either.

 It was ultimately kind of disappointing but eh, all the stuff they're setting up looks cool enough so at least it looks like the next one will be great. Since they have this and OG II to work off of hopefully the next one won't take five million years. 

Hopefully the whole Asia pivot means that they're going to put more focus into the SRW series and release games faster.

This game seems to suffer a bit from the same problems as PXZ1 (though nowhere as bad) where they try to cut down on stuff that would leave new players behind, but don't seem to actually have enough content to make up for it. And then at the end they go eh fuck it and go full American comic book level "*read issue #1525 of Amazing SRX-Man to know what the hell everyone is talking about" with the Kadum Hakham anyway.

The Famitsu cross review mentioned the recaps and keyword explanations helping with that but the keyword explanations are CLEARLY not enough. I looked up most of that shit when it came up and it's only surface level stuff at best and is weirdly lacking in some areas: For example Septuagint is mentioned roughly once in passing and doesn't even have its own entry. Maybe the recaps help, didn't look at those.

For new Japanese players this isn't much of a problem since there's the wiki but this is a bigger problem for new English-speaking players because A) The previous games aren't even out in English and B) AFAIK the wikis are full of retarded bullshit made up by fucktards spouting nonsense like "the heralds of the elemental lords use their life force to rewrite akashic records with full possession"and so on.

Final boss spoilers:

Shuu ended up as my top ace by the end of the final stage (not reflected in the stuff above because that's from before starting it). The Neo Granzon is TOUGH. Also Shuu sstands out more than Masaki.

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