14 July, 2016

This week's loot (10th July 2016)

Yeah this post is over half a week late, eh.

Watched Independence Day 2 and FFXV Kingsglaive. Enjoyed both. ID4 2 is a dumb action flick like expected but I felt that it still managed to fall short (there wasn't anything at all that felt like it could come anywhere close to being as iconic as the first movie's city destroyers and the sequences with the White House and such). Loved what they did with the queen though.

Kingsglaive was alright. It's clearly an inconsequential prequel movie that can be completely summed up as "the evil empire killed the king and wrecked the city but the princess escaped". But it was fun and had more action and explosions than most Hollywood action movies and that's saying something.

Cleared Otome Domain. It was really good, but nothing more. Didn't really feel like the previous stuff NYAON wrote, and lacked that something special that Moshiraba and DMF both had that was what made me a fan in the first place. Still really good, though.

So I waited a bit on Shin Hayarigami 2 but the reviews looked good and I got it. Almost cleared, and aside from one chapter (4) they did deliver on their promise to bring back the old series- And more, because old characters are mentioned (and one shows up), the main characters turn out to be literal successors to the old series' protagonist, and the overarching plot from the old series that I thought was never going to be completed is actually continuing (the secret organisation that was behind stuff in the old series actually shows up in the main story for one thing). Looking forward to more of this (though I'm not sure about the stupid alien stuff).

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