04 December, 2016

This week's loot (4th December 2016) + Thoughts on FF15

I cleared FF15.

What can I say? It's a great road trip simulator. This isn't sarcasm. The open world is fun to explore, just driving around looking at sights and eating and cooking new stuff and so on is great. It's close to Xenoblade X in that aspect. Unfortunately it doesn't have as many "holy shit, what the fuck is THAT?" moments as Xenoblade X, and just like Xenoblade X, it fails to deliver on the majority of what few of those it does have (the answer to that question is ALWAYS just "a load of nothing"). But the road trip aspect is fun.

Everything else though? The battle system sounds great in concept and seems like it could be fun but turns out to be a horrific clusterfuck of bad camera and no balance, and not in a good way. The last parts of the game straight up just aren't fun. Also, the magic system is stupid and magic is plain broken. And what the hell happened to the grenades and stuff that were in the demo, anyway?

I'd been looking forward to exploring Final Fantasy Shinjuku (i.e. Insomnia). Instead all I got was five minutes of Megaten Shinjuku as the final dungeon.

And the writing is plain nonsensical. The story is written in a way where you're expected to care for characters who get no screentime at all before dying in a dramatic manner, characters who seem vital to the plot consistently die off-screen or just disappear never to be mentioned again while, and the ten year timeskip just before the last chapter is nothing short of just fucking retarded. The main characters are shallow caricatures that you simply can't care about, and the way it's written aside, the plot itself is garbage too.

Though most are harmless (party members becoming invisible, or starting to jump on each other's heads), some of the bugs are pretty frustrating too (and because I've seen retards claiming otherwise, yes, this is when the game is fully patched). Party members are constantly getting stuck on terrain or just refusing to follow for no reason, which at best means you have to go through dungeons balanced for four characters with just one or two (not fun) and at worst means that scripted events don't happen which straight up fucking halts progression.

I want to like this game. It looks fantastic. The road trip thing it has going on is pretty cool. But I can't. It's just, simply, mediocre.

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