16 January, 2016

The Flash

So I binged The Flash on Hulu over the last week and just finished it last night. Just wanted to get my thoughts on it in order.

First of all- It was, in general, a fun show and enjoyable to watch. If it wasn't I wouldn't have finished it in a week, if at all.

That being said it was also horrid.

First of all: The crossover stuff. While I fully understand that this orginally spinned off of another series, and thus need for there to be fanservice for people who came into this from it, I can't help but feel that it could have been handled better. Especially considering how Arrow isn't fucking on Hulu you idiots. And even if it were, what, are you supposed to watch both shows concurrently and jump between them at the appropriate episodes? That's fucking stupid. That aside, some explanation, maybe, I don't know, a minute of exposition? Of who the crossover characters are would have been nice. "Previous on The Flash: Some scenes WHICH WEREN'T IN THE FUCKING SHOW" wasn't nice at all.

And then there's Iris. Holy shit, Iris. She ruins all suspension of disbelief in the show because people love her even though she's in every single possible way absolutely unloveable. She's a straight up horrible person, and literally everything she does serves to make the viewer hate her more, and this isn't even hyperbole. Barry and Eddie were decent enough characters but the stuff related to her dragged them down a notch (despite being equally involved with her Joe somehow managed to get out fine but that's because he's a great character).

The last episodes were a complete mess. There's a huge setup for the showdown with the mastermind behind all of the machinations of fifteen fucking years, who also served as a mentor and father figure to several main characters, who has the same powers as the protagonist only better, whom the protagonist has never been able to best. The setup was fantastic, and was looking forward to how Barry would finally defeat him. So fuck the bullshit with them pulling Green Arrow and Firestorm out of fucking nowhere to gang up on him. Some people may say "why didn't Superman just show up and save the day in Dark Knight Rises" or "why didn't the Avengers just beat the shit out of the Green Goblin", but you know what, those people are fucking idiots and this shit just ruins the show you brainless fucks. Also, and this is pretty common with stuff handling time travel, the time travel stuff makes no fucking sense and is riddled with plot holes. If they erased him from fucking history, shouldn't that have undone everything from the past 15 years as well? And then there was the asspull of a cliffhanger. Fuck this bullshit.

The pacing was also terrible, and the attempts to connect newer episodes to older ones through minor characters kept falling flat on their faces (the ones with the Reverse Flash were decent); The show was at its best when it was being a villain-of-the-week thing. Also: What is up with how like 80% of the people getting killed or needing saving were Asian? It seemed pretty unbalanced considering how there were zero named important characters who were Asian. That and captain Singh felt a bit like ham-handed pandering to minorities, though Singh was for the most part handled well enough (aside from the one scene where he's hospitalised and they go out of the way to have a scene where they chide a nurse for not knowing that he was gay and the guy trying to see him was his fiance, which while probably not something uncommon in real life, did feel unnatural and out of place in the narrative; This felt particularly uninspired because the scene where he first indicates that he's gay with the burger in his office was comparatively well done). Now watch as people call me a privileged rich upper middle class white boy

So yeah: Fun show, but in a junk food kind of way, with emphasis on "junk".