27 September, 2016

Persona 5

So yeah, cleared Persona 5. Some parts felt like they were left dangling, though (DLC? New version with additional stuff? P5U?). Char was too Char to feel like an actual character, and Akechi wasn't handled very well. I did like what they did with Igor's voice in the end, though. And it's kind of ridiculous how one of the party members requires you have to MAXIMUM in a stat to even start talking to her.

It was decent enough, but really felt kind of lacking compared to 3 and 4.

26 September, 2016

Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro

Cleared Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro last night. It was pretty good, and I liked how the ending took the time to show what happens to not the new characters but also the old ones, and was content with most of the game, but at no point did it particularly impress me. The majority of the game (up to the retaking of the capital) is dragged out for a bit too long, and the parts after that are too short, meaning that the stuff involving mankind and Witsarunemitea and Kuon and so on don't get enough focus. Wosis was also a terrible antagonist, they should've swapped his and Raikou's places.

Enjoyed Itsuwari no Kamen more, to be honest.

Ah well, still a pretty good game and a good sequel unlike Tears to Tiara 2 fuck that bullshit

This and last week's loot (25th September 2016)

Didn't update last week because I was busy with Persona 5. Cleared it and Utawarerumono.They were decent.

Also watched Kimi no Na wa. It's a decent movie, but does nothing new or original. I'm not perplexed by how popular it's turning out to be, though, as it's clearly made for the masses- sacrificing most of Shinkai's identity as a creator in the process- and does what it does really well. Also sekai-kei is pretty obscure and I'd imagine that most of the people seeing it are probably doing so for the first time. Literally babby's first sekai-kei.

All I have to say about Gods of Egypt is 俺は超合神だ!