18 November, 2016

BSoD caused by atikmpag.sys with Intel HD Graphics and AMD Radeon installed

Leaving this here because when I was searching for solutions almost everything I got was dumbfucks on shitty forums being assholes.

My Problem
Kept getting BSoDs caused by atikmpag.sys. Deleted display drivers and restarted, and Intel HD Graphics was automatically reinstalled and the BSoD went away but my resolution was stuck at 1024x768. Downloaded and installed AMD Radeon but the BSoD came back.

Deleted the AMD drivers again which sent me back to 1024x768.
Fixed resolution by downloading the same Intel HD drivers that were automatically installed and installing those. This fixed the BSoD and resolution.

I now have a "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" that doesn't work in place of AMD Radeon but everything else is fine so I'm leaving it at that for now.

13 November, 2016


This week's loot (13th November 2016)

Been playing Extella. The gameplay is atrocious but I wasn't expecting it to be anything but. The story is wacky and not bad. Dishonored 2 only just arrived so I haven't started on it yet.

The Majestic Prince movie was just more Majestic Prince, really nothing much to say about it at all. It's okay.