13 May, 2017

This and last week's loot (14th May 2017)

I cleared Dark Souls 3 again (starting from the beginning), Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria (picking up where I left off before which was at the beginning of the final chapter), and my first playthrough of Nier Automata in the past two weeks.

Not much to say about Dark Souls 3 at this point. It's good.

Valkyria has an interesting narrative- I like the way it's framed, and consider how they're not afraid to have people sit down at a table and talk non-stop for fifteen minutes with no action at all to be a good thing- but the story unfortunately has way too many problems and fizzles out at the end, and is ultimately unsatisfying.. And the gameplay is straight up just fucking bad.

The first playthrough of Nier Automata didn't do anything for me. I can tell that it's a good game, but I'm not just feeling that it's anything special so far. I haven't been spoiled on it but a lot of the praise I've heard goes on about how unique it is that the game and story changes with subsequent playthroughs as you work towards a true ending, which doesn't really seem all that special to me and honestly sounds more like ignorant people not knowing how common that gimmick is than anything the game itself actually accomplishes. The game is somewhat decent though. And also really fucking weird.

Somewhat related to that: I've taken to broadcasting stuff I'm playing on Twitch, mostly because it lets me record entire sessions to Youtube and doesn't fill up my PS4's hard drive, as opposed to the PS4 only letting you record up to 15 minutes at a time and holy shit I have no fucking space to install games anymore. I have pretty much the entirety of the latest Dark Souls 3 playthrough up on Youtube and am doing the same with Nier Automata. Just gameplay; I don't have a microphone and leave comments off.

In other news I'm supporting Galette on enty (been doing so as soon as I learned they were on there).

And yeah, I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and the new Brave Witches thing. Guardians is definitely one of the better Marvel movies, and I always did like Eila and Sanya and so enjoyed the Brave Witches thing.

The trailer for the Prisma Ilya movie aired before Brave Witches. Prisma Ilya movie where Ilya is treated like a fucking extra and Kuro isn't even in the trailer because we need more Shirou? Sure, why not. Seriously though I'd take a fucking compilation movie over this.

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