28 May, 2017

This week's loot (28th May 2017)

So I was in Kyoto last week and only just got round to uploading the Uzumasa Moe cafe photos I took. I'll probably get round to uploading other photos next week or something. Can't be bothered to do so now, at least.

I just finished reading Imouto Sae Ireba Ii #7. It should be noted that I started on #1 three days ago. This series is good.

I haven't been reading light novels a lot at all for the past few years- It's not that I lost interest or anything like that, it's just that I had a lot of books built up in my backlog that I never got around to reading and didn't feel it was appropriate to buy more when I hadn't read those, but ended up on this series purely on a whim and here we are. I'd been reading Hirasaka Yomi's stuff since around the time Haganai first started, going back to previous stuff like Nekuroma and Ranobe-bu as well, but I kind of got busy around the time #10 came out and though I did buy it and #11 never got round to reading them, or pretty much anything else since then (up till now the only Japanese novels I can recall reading in the past 2-3 years or so are Strange Fake and a couple of doujin releases by Kiduki).

But yeah I started this on a whim, and it was good, and it's got me wanting to read more and I went and grabbed the first three volumes of Eromanga-sensei and Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (digital as usual, of course). I did ultimately end up reading all of Oreimo (Eromanga-sensei's Fushimi Tsukasa's previous series) and I've always loved Maruto Fumiaki's games.

If I do get round to catching up with those I'd been meaning to look into Date A Live (I loved the writer's debut series, Soukyuu no Karuma) ever since it started (which means that, yes, I've been procrastinating on that for six years). Also it turns out that two new volumes of Cop Craft completely managed to slip under my radar, and I STILL haven't gotten round to reading the latest volume of Seikai no Senki yet.

Unrelated: Thanks to all the reading I've been doing I still haven't finished that Barzam.

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