10 June, 2017

Frame Arms Girl Collaboration Campaign - Akihabara Fullscratch Love

Go Go! Gourai-don from Yakiniku-don Tadon

900 yen- A Korean bibimbap-style beef kalbi donburi. Pretty good, but the other stuff on the menu looks really good too so I'll definitely be going there again.

Ao's Special Gourai Birthday Cake Parfait and Stiletto (drink) from Guild Restaurant The Granvania
Parfait- 950 yen, drinks (seven kinds, ordered Stiletto)- 756 yen. Not bad but really overpriced. The pineapple and chocolate on the parfait feels out of place.

Shiro's Stamina-boosting Yanagawa-nabe Set from Koedo Funachuu 

Set consisting of Yanagawa-nabe (stewed loach, onions and egg), rice, chicken salad and miso soup. Pretty good.

Sti-ko's Girl Power (?) Pancake Set from Mango Terrace Cafe & Dining

Sad pancakes.

Ordering the collaboration menu stuff gets you a postcard and luncheon mat (a coaster if it's a drink from Granvania).

Also the 10/1 Gourai is on display at Kotobukiya Akihabara.


 Architect's Errand Pork Steak Set from Suzuya

Tonteki (pork steak) set. Pretty good.


Jinrai's Sengoku-don from Yakitori/Kushiba Ichie
A yakitori-don set.

Base's Shiny Omelette Rice from Suda-chou Shokudou
It's literally just omelette rice.


Hresvelgr's Greatest Victory Beast Abura-soba from Roast Beef Abura-soba Beast

 Abura-soba with roast beef and coriander (coriander's been weirdly popular over here lately so this is keeping with trends, I guess),

Kuro's Grind Circle Curry from Curry no Shimin Alba
 Alba's usual beef-based curry, topped with breaded fish and chicken.

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