05 August, 2017

This week's loot (6th August 2017)

Cleared last week's games even though I haven't touched a load of older stuff

Grisaia PT #3 is better than the previous installments but still way too short for the price, while Grisaia Side Episode is plain fucking ridiculous in how short it is. It MIGHT have been worth the price if it included maybe two more entirely new episodes of roughly the same length of what it actually has.

Hikari no Umi no Apeiria is good. Its humour and battle sequences are unfortunately crude, cringy and immature, and these sequences far outstay their welcome as they last VERY long. But it more than makes up for this by being a solid piece of hard sci-fi with strong AI (and thus a technological singularity), quantum physics, and time travel as its main themes. It's the sort of game that isn't afraid to spend 15 minutes explaining the double slit experiment complete with a slideshow, which is a good thing for anyone who likes science fiction. The story is pretty solid as well. The only real problem is the abrupt ending; It feels like an entire chapter is skipped at the end. There is an epilogue and everything IS resolved, but the resolution itself is missing. Gave it a 79/100 on Erogamescape.

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