12 November, 2011

Idolmaster CDs and Sora no Kiseki FC and stuff

Didn't mention on the blog (did on Twitter but yeah, I tweet in Japanese) but when the last Idolmaster CD was released I went and ordered it on Amazon after forgetting that I'd already pre-ordered it on Tower Records, and didn't realize until they'd both shipped. So-


So I went and shipped it to a friend in the US and tossed in Sora no Kiseki FC and a bunch of junk in as well for the hell of it.

(Photo stolen from his blog)

That Eva thing is a Hidakaya coupon. Free rice upgrade to large!

But anyway yeah, he finally cleared Sora no Kiseki FC. Reaction to the ending:

Pussy went and levelled to 40 to fight the final boss. Real men run from all the enemies and fight bosses underlevelled (IIRC I was at like level 32-35 when I cleared FC).

I've been meaning to play Sora no Kiseki again, not sure if I should get the PSP versions or just go through them again on the PC. Maybe the PC.

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